Loyalty Program 

I went over different options for how I wanted to show appreciation to my regular sugaring clients, this is what won out!

This card doesn't go off of services rendered or total final bill, it's simply per appointment. Basically if you want, you can book 4 sessions of underarms and then treat yourself to as many services as you want on the 5th session for half price!

Example: A women's Brazilian is 55$, so 5 Brazilians works out to 55+55+55+55+22.50= 242.50$ or 48.50$/session.

The stipulation for this program is that appointments must be within 6 weeks of each other for the 50% off 5th visit and discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other specials being promoted at the time of redemption.

Added bonus! Every time you refer someone new and they come in for an appointment, it counts as an appointment for BOTH of you towards your 50% off!

Advertise for prizes!

I have these cute little vinyl decals and would like to see them rolling around Edmonton. So here's the deal, you have one of these hand sized decals on the rear of your vehicle and every month you're automatically entered into a randomized draw. Some months will be prepaid credit cards, other months will be gift certificates for services, there may be a goody basket here and there, any way you slice it, you're in! 

Another benefit to this, anyone who sees your decal will automatically know you're one well groomed specimen of a human with a taste for the finer things in life.

Wedding Parties!

What's worse than a bad photo of you? Pretty much nothing can beat being immortalized in a way that is less than flattering of your true self... so let me help you out with avoiding a potential long term regret along with getting the last things taken care of from your to-do list! One of the days leading up to the big day (max of about a week prior because of first timers), I will come to your place of choosing, set up and while you're finalizing things amongst yourself, you can be one by one making sure there will be no razor burn, missed patches, unfortunate cuts, chemical burns, dry patches or whatever other disaster you could imagine on your skin caught on film!

Parties of 3 or more, the bride is free is my usual go to. If you're more interested in a package, I can also do a flat $40 per person for underarms and lower legs with a minimum of 4 people.