Since the beginning there have been some key players and businesses who have helped get the word out and it's about due time I offer them the same respect:

In no particular order and I hope the list grows as we all recover from this pandemic, here it goes!

If you didn't already know it, Evo is about as close to 'Cheers' as you're going to find in Alberta. These people, the frequenters and the once in a blue mooners (I fall into this spot lately) are about as close to the family you never expected to have and weren't expecting to 

Do you have a stigma about sex? Do "toy" shops give you that creepy/dirty feeling? Are you ready to walk into a brightly lit shop with welcoming and knowledgeable staff equipped with the finest toys and accessories known to human kind? BAM! I got you! The Traveling Tickle Trunk holds seminars in between their one on one mind blowing information they'll gladly pass along without being in your face about it.

You're comfortable in your skin, you're one of the guys, you hate tan lines. BNBC of Alberta has you covered (or uncovered I should say). Kick back, BS with some dudes who value the world of naturalism and don't feel judged for a second of it! Plus you get 10% off services if you're a member to this club ;)

What can I say about these clothing lacking cuties? Thank you! John the head of CTC approached me early this year saying how he loved my business model and well, truth be told, I loved his as well! Body positivity goes a long way and if between CTC and my services you can achieve that, some love and goodness has been spread in the world! These fine people hold events year round and if you're an attendee, 10% off my services as well! go check them out, they won't bite (unless you ask the right person in an appropriate situation I suppose... but that's up to you)

You want a welcoming atmosphere for touchy, still unfortunately not fully accepted and in even some circles shunned upon topics, FANTASTIC! The QUILTBAG has you covered! Shop local, check! Support local artists, double check! Spread awareness and have the freedom to express yourself, triple check! If you haven't made it down to their brick and mortar store to let yourself feel that weight drop off your shoulders, they just launched an online store that needs your support as well! Go check out everything these beautiful people have done and keep doing!