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About Sugaring

  • The sugar itself is a lemon, water and sugar mixture which takes on the appearance of a beautiful golden honey! So natural you could eat it! (I use the product that get messed up in shipping to sweeten my morning tea) 

  • It is a form of hair removal created in ancient Egyptian times.

  • Sugaring is an incredible exfoliating treatment and can help to even skin tone as well as stimulate natural collagen production.

  • The sugar is applied to the skin in the opposite direction of growth and then removed with the natural direction of growth.

  • Regular sugaring at 1/8 of an inch can lead to permanency (basically as long as the hair is extracted in anagen phase)

  • Hair is removed in the growing stage (anagen) at 1/8 inch or less in the natural direction of growth. This can be done a few days after shaving. Even stubble can be extracted!

  • Extraction in the growing stage (anagen) allows the hair to stay void of the follicle for a longer period of time. Hair grows in finer and diminishes over a period of time. This allows for longer time between appointments, with less discomfort, less breakage and less irritation. 

  • The sugar is anti-bacterial and there is no risk of crossing contamination… Sugar is never re-used and I always re-glove before getting a new sugar ball.

  • The sugar paste is body temperature, there is no risk of burning the skin.

  • Sugaring is effective in reducing ingrown hairs as the hair in removed in the natural direction of growth, this leads to fewer broken hairs.

Hair Growth Phases

Above I talk about "anagen phase" a lot, that's because it's really important for proper permanent hair loss. It's the only time that the hair is actively growing and attached to a blood source. By extracting at this phase, we effectively damage  the way the hair is able to grow and damaging it to the point of not functioning is the goal! No blood flow to that follicle, no hair can grow.

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