"Form Follows Function"

The form of being hair free is part of sugaring but what really drew me to it was the functionality. No more wasting time with razors, no more having skin mauled by chemicals or wax, no more failed attempts at expensive IPL/laser procedures. Sugaring is a long lasting, more comfortable, healthier, natural option for hair removal that can lead to permanency.

Knowing what I did about sugaring, I started this business to make it more accessible to everyone than was being offered in the Edmonton area at the time. Looking around, full services for male and trans individuals were nearly impossible to find. Experiencing being ostracized first hand as well as hearing horror stories from others for just trying to make their lives easier is what spurred this endeavor. 

Who is an ideal person for body sugaring? Simple answer is EVERYONE! Whether you're a busy single parent, an athlete needing less friction or visible muscle definition, someone experiencing skin issues or excessive sweating, someone with limited mobility and reaching some spots is just too much... you name it, there's a reason to get sugared!


Due to client requests, I am now accepting youth ages 12-17, all it takes is an extra signature and a parent/guardian to stay on site! Due to my personal as well as client comfort, I do not offer intimate area services to minors.


My studio is Alberta Health Services inspected, City of Edmonton registered, independently insured and certified under Alexandria Professional. You have the freedom to choose your service provider, why pay more for less? I offer very competitive pricing even when comparing to non-professional providers.



Taking all methods of payment

Open Tuesday through Thursday 10am to 10pm. Friday 10am to 2pm, Saturday 11am to 7pm, Sunday 1pm to 8pm 

Exceptions can be made, don't be afraid to ask!